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Kapadoo Productions is a registered independent record label founded in 2008 and owned by Monks John. Currently it is based in Switzerland after Monks John relocated in 2014. 

The stable is currently focusing mainly on Reggaeton and World Music as it has already released Lungiswa Plaatjies , Ndiyahamba album in 2014 and currently a Reggaeton artist Smash 'Mashin' with two single, Buggati and Bamb'ifoni. The label releases only in-house produced projects. The label's goal to licence all its projects to a big well established record company and it continues to search for new artists interested in Reggaeton genre.. 

Below is list of services:

  • Voice-overs

  • Recording & Mixing

  • Sound design

    Video editing (New)

  • Radio Adverts.


Studio Gear


i9 PC Desktop 32 gb 

Rol1and Capture 10/10

Rode NT 1

Warm Mic Pre-amp

ADAM A77X Monitors

ALESIS 530 Monitors

Avant Reference Monitors

Maschine Jam

Maschine Mikro

FL Akai Fire

Beringer Studio Controller

Universal Satellit




FL Studio

Pro Tools


Avid Composer

Adobe Premier Pro

Meet my Team

Business Partners

Below is the list of business partners who happen to be independent artists with their projects released under Kapadoo Productions. They are responsible for their projects respectively on decision making. They are not signed to the label but their projects which gives them a room to work with anyone they choose to.

Kapadoo Productions doesn't sign artist but goes into partnership on the project that are in-house produced. When it comes to Royalties, everything is split equally among everyone involved in creative process. Our business relationship remains transparent.

Zethu-Joubarl (1)

Pop Reggaeton Music

Zethu Joubarl

Zethu Joubarl

Zethu Jourbarl’s real name is Ntombizethu Dyubhele. She’s based in Cape Town but originally comes from Ashton outside Cape Town. Her journey into her talents started at the tender of 13 where she showed her ability to sing and dance. Singing secured her place in the school choir and church choir.

During her childhood growing up on the farm in today called Breede Valley Municipality, she was getting herself involved in many talent shows and groups alike within the area. After Matriculating, she moved to Cape Town where she continued her music talent with local hip hop groups. She was also interested in dancing and has couple of videos online.

Although she was studying Public Relations, she would continue featuring on different projects with local acts, perfecting her singing ability in the process up to a point where she met Smash Mashin, who was working with Monks John, a South African Swiss based music producer and that is when she got introduced to Reggaeton vibes. Funny enough the studio session was intended for another female artist who never pitched up on the day, then Zethu was hijacked to fill up the session which was already paid for. This incident led to her working full time with Monks John under Kapadoo Productions. Her versatility made it easy to adjust to the style or genre which is popular in Latin America and Europe. With her first ever single ‘StraightTalk’ released digitally , is the first introduction of Reggaeton sounds into South African music market and only time will tell how the genre will start growing. She believes in being different and loves new challenges.


Reggaeton Music

Given ''Smash'' Phike

His real is Lebohang Phike and he goes by the name of Smash 'Mashin'. He's born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. He's been a professional musician since early 90s and has shared stages with well-known local and international musician. He released two singles ''Bugatti and Bamb'ifoni n 2020 independently with Kapadoo Productions. Smash  '' Mashin' is the only Reggaeton artist in South Africa at the moment. The positive and fearless attitude against all the odds, that's keeps him pushing his music career. He worked well know music producers and was co founder and a member of the now defunct Pop group Innadiflo.

No one can deny the fact that he's a multi-talented vocalist and only the time will tell when he'll be the next big thing in South Africa . He's a visionary and entrepreneur when it comes to his music.

IMG_2288 (1)

African World Music

Lungiswa Plaatjies

Lungiswa Plaatjies need no introductions when it comes to Indigenous African traditional music.  After a long career with Amampondo under the guidance of her brother Dizu Plaatjies, she started her solo musical career which did not take long for her to become an international act. She traveled throughout the world sharing stages with international musicians from Jazz to World Music. Lungiswa's ability to play Imbira and Umrhubhe among other hand made traditional instruments, brought the style and sound rare to find into modern music. Her traditional Xhosa lyrics resonate very very well with the sounds she's incorporating. Currently she doing both musical theater and music.      

She released her 2014 album 'Ndiyahamba' independently boh physical and digitally distributed by Africori licensed by Kapadoo Productions. She also featured Madsini on song called Solal'emaweni co-produced by DJ Makhekhe. Like with any other artist within Kapadoo Productions, she remains an independent artist, only her project which co-produced with Monks John licensed to the label. 

List of Projects

1. Ndiyahamba by Lungiswa Plaatjies

In 2014 before he relocated to Switzerland, Monks John produced this album alongside Dj Makhekhe, Lungiswa Plaatjies and Madosini. International French Dj Galliano also contributed to the album on the song ''Iqotha-qikili'' and this was more of experimental album as she was making a come back to the music scene. She needed time to recover and see where she stood musically. Songs like Solal'emaweni featuring Madosini and Dj Makhekhe and Ndiyahamba stood out as they described her true style which is World Music. The album was digitally released by Africori in 2014.

2. Mama Dance Music Library

In 2009 Monks John joined Mama Dance Music Library in Soundz of Ekasi 1 and 2. His sounds have been used from adverts, documentaries to Television series like  Uzalo, Isibaya and Rhythm  City etc. He continues with this services which has been his line of financial survival ever since.

3. Smash 'Mashin'

In 2020 Monks John started a  South African Reggaeton project with its first artist being Smash. Two singles Bugatti and Bamb'ifoni got released digitally. This is a popular genre in Latin America and Monks John saw gap where he could start something new with South African music scene. The third single Mamacita is ready and has a music video which Monks hopes to release both at the same time in 2020.

4. Sound design for NAU.CH

Monks John designed sound clip for a Swiss local mobile digital news network logo NAU.CH . Having worked in the film industry as Productions Assistant, the job brought closer to the understanding of sound and  film. He also did a sound design for an American documentary featured Andrea Dondolo.


  Monks John in 2007

Lungiswa Plaatjies performing a musical theater in Netherlands

Live performance in 2010.

Monks John in red with the late Ray Phiri and late Isaac Mtshali in 2007.

Monks John with late Nana Coyote Motijoane in 2007.

Lungiswa Plaatjies

Reggaeton artist- Smash 'Mashin'

Smash 'Mashin' with Garth '' Herfner'' on a session in 2020.

Smash's Mamacita music video shoot.

Monks and Ntokozo Zungu

Kapadoo Productions home studio in Muensingen, Switzerland.

Monks John with his six months old baby in studio.

External Business services


CEO -Tshepho Monama

Arts Translated  is a multi-media company based in Johannesberg. They have been providing all forms of artworks for Kapadoo Productions since 2014.  Their quality and speed of service is unmatched which is very important in the entertainment industry. For more information visit: www.artstranslated.co.za
Email: artstransalated@gmail.com
Mobile +27 84 779 7815

Carl Kindo

 He is a young professional photographer based in Cape Town. Carl has been providing photo shoots for Kapadoo Productions since 2019. To see his works, kindly visit his Instagram page : https//www.instagram.com/carlography83/


Email: carlkindo@yahoo.com

Mobile: +27 78 365 4431

Photography by Carl Kindo and Digital Release artwork by Art Translated (Tshepho Monama) in 2019.

Digital release artwork by Arts Translated (Tshepho Monama) in 2014.

Photography by Carl Kindo in 2019.


Although being based in Switzerland, Kapadoo Productions has not stopped using South African based businesses like multi-media, photography and recording studios . The idea  behind  is to invest back home and expose their services outside South Africa. The label will continue working with South African based artists and aims at licensing all the current Reggaeton projects to well established South African record companies.  Faith is everything.

Music distribution:

Africori : www.africori.com

Amuse : https://www.amuse.io/free-music-distribution

©Kapadoo Productions (PTY) LTD Münsingen, Bern, Switzerland.